Best way to get rid of my handles

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  1. Ok, Ive been working out fairly regularly even throwing in cardio and modifying my diet. I see good development in my upper and lower body, however no matter what I do my handles are evident. I try side crunches, the machine where u sit down, face foward and turn side to side while hold the resistance bar with both hands,,,nothing works. Any suggestions?
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    Two things come to mind.

    Time machines and Lipo.

    The Lipo is self explanatory. The time machine is to travel back in time when we were both younger.

  3. 45 min to 1 hour cardio 3 times a week (every other day) Lift weights 3 times a week for 45 min to 1 hour, but only do your stomach twice a week. (5 to 10 minutes of various situps should do) Eat 5 to 6 times a day and keep your calories between 1200 to 1500 per day. (this is the hard part) If you are like me (not overweight, just problems with love handles because you love pizza and beer so much) then you should get a ripped stomach in about 3 to 6 months. After that, you better talk to a nutritionist to find out what to eat to not gain the fat back because as soon as i get a flat stomach i usually eat bad again (18 inch pizzas, Taco bell gorditas and carl's jr burgers) and stop exercising and gain back my love handles :(

    I hate exercising
  4. Clenbuterol targets adipose tissue very well. Works well when combined with triiodothyronine [thyroid hormone]. There is a feedback mechanism, so one must eat very cleanly after the thyroid cycle until the thyroid bounces back.

    Fasted cardio in the morning incinerates fat [depleted liver glycogen]. Resistance training in the pm along with a complete protein before bed, such as an egg white powder.

    Eat as much fiber as you can stomach; lentil soup is loaded with protein and fiber and a perfect fiber source for weight loss. Check out Alessi soup:

    DO NOT reduce calories to a fasting state [1500 cals] for a long period. It's counterproductive and reduces thyroid output. Keep moving.

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    That was a good answer! :) Stop trading and start your own weight loss "Infomercial" immediately!!! :D
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    riskarb -

    Good answer overall, but jesus, a clenbuterol cycle for someone who just wants to get rid of love handles? I wouldn't touch clenbuterol with a 10-foot pole, and that's not even considering the fact that the damn stuff is effectively illegal anyways.

    original poster -

    You've got love handles... your biggest problem at this point is recognizing that you require lifestyle changes, not a 3 week diet blitz. Eat clean, work out regularly.

    Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach is a good idea, as is resistance training at night. You're going to need to lower calories (or else you're going to need to violate the laws of science / overtrain to lose weight). Just keep in mind what riskarb said, lower calories for a limited time, then return to "maintenance". Check any bodybuilding site, they'll have all the info you need.

    Diet will be the #1 factor. Abs are made in the kitchen!
  7. Clen is a potent drug with a low LD50, but works well if the drug is respected. It's anticatabolic as well, which reduces the catabolism associated with T3.

    Spot reduction is fallacy for the most part; at least w.r.t. the cortisol garbage on late-night TV. Glycyrrhetinic acid and Yohimbine HCL applied topically can cause a reduction, but it's not terribly efficacious. Must be used with DMSO as a carrier for optimal results.

    Bottom-line: You need to be in the gym for 2 hours a day of you're not going to eat clean. If you eat clean you can get by with less gym time.

    I've seen guys spend 3 hours a night in BJJ or boxing and go out and eat 4000cal dinners and maintain 10% bodyfat. Either method requires a commitement. Drugs can help, but it's up top you to determine how badly you want it.

    Eating cleanly with moderate gym time will give you the results you're looking for.

    Edit: Core lifts; squats and deads, will raise natural test and hGH production, which will reduce estrogenic fat deposition in the waist. Any lift which stresses the CNS.
  8. if you are going to do cardio, i HIGHLY recommend some type of interval training. the idea is, just as when lifting weights to add muscle, you need to add more weight to progress because the body adapts.

    well when you do cardio, your body adapts to the cardio too. so progressivly change things like, the exercise you do, how long you do it, how intense you do it, how often you do it, etc.
  9. Eat 7 times a day...smaller portions.

    Train twice a day....

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    oh yes when you have time Trade!

    riskarb is a bodybuilder.
  10. When is spot reduction not a fallacy? Just curious Dr.Risk.

    I thought we had this "handles" thread before? :confused:

    For cardio, HIIT styles A.M. seem to work well to get low and ultra-low body fat % -> handle reduction.

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