best way to get fired so I can collect unemployment and jumpstart my trading career?

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  1. Serious thread, not a joke. The best I can do is get labeled an underperformer, but I can't get fired. Note, I do not want to get arrested. I just want to get fired.
  2. Also, I do not want to get sued.
  3. stop taking showers.. pink slip will be on its way..
  4. I was just mocking the thread on quitting a job to make a living as a trader. Kind of funny. I feel kind of ripped off that they take money from me in taxes but then when I need a buffer to try something new in my life, I can't get that money back.
  5. I thought if you get fired you can't get unemployment...only get it if you're laid off
  6. Might be, depends on the state.

    How does one get laid off correctly is the real question.
  7. Layoffs are always because of lack of work. You can't make that happen.
  8. In IL anyone can file for unemployment whether "fired" or "laid off", and so long as the company doesn't dispute it, you'll get it. So... That said, depending on where you are, get them to fire you while not burnng the bridge and you can quite possibly still get benefits.
  9. Sue your employer as a whistle blower for tax fraud, discrimination, unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment, OSHA violations etc.

    This way you can stay at home... collect a paycheck and if any of your claims are investigated to be true.. maybe even a reward.

    If not they most likely will not want you around and offer a settlement. Take the customary 6 months severance and start a new life.

  10. Take a big shit on ur boss's desk...and let him know that u did it.

    By the way, if you can't afford to leave , how are u gona afford to trade?
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