best way to gamble in the markets?

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  1. in one trade.. maxed out in purchasing power->whats the fastest way to lose all your money, or hit the motherload?

    im thinking loading up on slightly OTM options with high gamma at the close a few days before expiration..
  2. "Best way to gamble in the markets"... DON'T!

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    Buy the first nickel call on a friday of a name speculated to be taken out. either you will make 100x and be the subject of an SEC inquiry or you will go bankrupt. You will know by monday.
  5. After a good week I like to take some of my profits and do alittle gambling myself. Lately with Bidu. Near close on Thursday(before exp ) I will jump on some options 1 strike OTM taking the oppisite position of the days trend. Even better I take the opposite side friday morning. Ex. So if bidu gaps up at opening I buy puts. I've done 7 so far. Three expired worthless the other four were 125%, 256%, 425% and 641%.

    I don't bet much, maybe 2 to 300 hundred. After all , its gambling , not trading.

    But god damn if it isn't fun.
  6. Best way is to trade other peoples money and charge management fees. Becomes a Heads I win Tails you lose game...
  7. Best way to gamble is to use the most leverage possible, which is likely going to be futures contracts. Just go long (or short) as many ES contracts as you can buy and hope for the best.

    That's the best way to gamble in the markets.
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    "best way to gamble in the markets?"