best way to earn interest on futures acct ???

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  1. hey all...

    quick question....what is best way to earn interest on acct balance for a futures acct?? i remember years ago if u wanted to earn interest on your balance you had to buy t-bills and roll them...what about now??? there has to be an easier way right???

  2. Surdo


    3 month T Bills are really not that difficult Bro!

    el surdo
  3. thanks for the reply...just didnt know if things have changed in 10+yrs...and what is 'optimal' way for t-bills?? purchase for half of acct?? and are they credited toward margin?? also what bout bonds?

    sounds like IB universal accts earn int but is it on just cash balance or acct balance??

    thanks for the help...sorry these are newbie questions
  4. Truff


    You just need to ask your broker. I wouldnt bother unless you had some $ in the account, not just 5k
  5. Surdo


    I have about 3/4 of my account in a 3 month T Bill and get 95% of the face value credit towards performance bond requirement.

    This allows me enough room for drawdowns in my trading.

    el surdo
  6. did a little more diggin and it seems that t-bill is marginable to a certain % but will have to confirm with fcm before i do anything
  7. thanks surdo...
  8. Surdo


    95% I just said.

    A $75K T Bill leaves you with $71,250 BP.
    This is fairly standard industry wide.

    el surdo

    PS: Leave a little wiggling room, just in case!
  9. sorry...i guess i was posting my reply before seeing yours...thanks
  10. how do i do it on IB?
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