Best way to creat a "WATCH LIST"?

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  1. I am trying to creat my watch lists and i need your help.

    When i want to buy or sell a stock I need first to know:

    -general direction of market Indexs.
    -Sector trend that my stock belong to.
    -indurstry trend that my stock belong to.
    -Trend of big-cap stocks in the industries that my stock belong to.
    -general trend of the stock that i want to buy or sell.
    -intraday trend of the stcok that i want to buy or sell.

    Now the problem i am facing is that i don't know how
    to find ticker symbol for sector and industry group,
    because every data feed provider seems to have differnet
    symbole format?

    I need you to recommand me a site that
    has all indexs symbole for sectors and indutries?

    I am using with medved quote tracker for
    use of indexs charts.
  2. has all the index symbols for sectors and such.

    However...early this month made some serious (horrible) changes to their website.

    In the past...regardless if you were a subscriber or could simply log into and get citywatch, industry charts, sector charts...symbols and all...

    It's no longer available because of their recent website design that they say is better for the client.

    For on the above old (Lycos) link and it redirects you to their new website.

    Now try to figure out a way to find the industry group symbol for Healthcare Facilities...

    one of the subgroups of the sector Healtcare.

    You can't.

    (The actual symbols still exist...they just don't post it at their website anymore nor are they posted within the software if you are can only get the list of stocks)

    By the way...Healthcare Facilities symbol is QCHTHFAC

    However...its no longer a valid symbol at their website nor in Livecharts... still is a valid symbol in QCharts...Healthcare Facilities accordingly to QCharts...closed at 612.02

    (Livecharts and QCharts are both products of Lycos)

    Now they have casino, ebay and other popup ads on their new site and you must know the symbol of what ever your looking for to get a chart.

    If I were you...I'll be working my butt off to be calling them to get those symbols of those sector or industry groups that you need if their very important to you.

    Things have changed at now saving a lot of money via the downgraded website but have pushed their customer base further away or into the arms of their competitors.

    Good luck and you may have to become a subscriber of QCharts to gain access to all those sector or industry group symbols.

  3. Almost forgot...

    If you are a QCharts subscriber...

    You can create a custom watchlist via the Quote Sheet menu and type in your stock symbols...

    then you simply look up their industry group name and sector name.

    After go into QCharts sector list to look for all other symbols in your particular stocks group.

    If you need further instructions...just private message me with any questions.

    Once need to be a subscriber of QCharts and not a free user of some of services.

    If your looking for FREE info...try Yahoo! Finance industry and sector information...

    Via the above (Yahoo! industry list...symbols) can take the industry group symbol and put QC in front of it in QCharts and get realtime streaming chart...a chart you can put indicators in or compare to other realtime streaming charts side by side within QCharts.

    For example...Major Drugs Industry Group at Yahoo! is the following...

    Take that symbol...MAJRRX and stick QC in front of it...resulting in now have to same industry group in QCharts :cool:

  4. Try clicking Lookup Symbol. Enter Healthcare Facilities in the search and select "All of the above" on the limit list and then click Search. Finds the symbol immediately.
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  6. The problem is this...

    You need to know the name of the industry group of your stock that corresponds with a specific name used a

    For example...if you don't know what subgroup has put the stock BRCM into...

    Then typing in BRCM at will yield everything except for the industry group name.

    Further...lets assume you know the industry group name of your stock...

    if you type in that name at

    It gives you the symbol...but no info after that...

    see below symbol link for Healthcare Facilities.

    Non-streaming chart:

    Streaming chart:

    Note: The above is via website and livecharts. They've obviously need to fix something.

    However...if your a QCharts subscriber...QCHTHFAC will give you a realtime streaming chart without any problems.

    I think Yahoo! is the better option until finishes reorganizing things.

    In I see some new updates with's new redesigned stuff (links) that wasn't there a few days ago.

    Therefore...maybe will eventually bring back the industry subgroup list that shows the symbols and stocks within the subgroup.

    P.S. I don't think Nana Trader knows the industry name nor its symbol the uses.

    Yahoo! makes it easier than when you don't know the specific name of a particular stock's industry group.

  7. I would recommend getting TCNet. It costs $99/month but is worth it since it has so many features all in one app; scanning; charting, real-time sorts, etc. Trading is a business, and to be successful you have to be willing to incur some normal business expenses.

  8. NihabaAshi -

    I see what you're getting at. I thought you already knew the industry group you're looking for. If you're using qcharts, I believe you can get the industry group - just doesn't look available as part of the free info.

    However, did you notice that at the bottom of the "enter symbol" page they have a bunch of advertisements (they seem to rotate). One of them was actually for!!! How dumb is that to advertise a competitor??
  9. I got my problem solved. How? This is how i have to do:

    If i need Sector symoble: Example (technology)
    Type it in yahoo symbole lookup and request for index,
    and it gets you ^IXT. For Quotetracker you have to change
    it to $.....X format, will be $IXT.X.

    For indutry group as NihabaAshi said, you can add QC to
    beginning of symbol that comes up in yahoo and it works
    in QT.
    Example: "hotels" in yahoo and QCHotels for QT.

    If you type Indexs in yahoo and request index also it
    comes up with list of available indexs in yahoo.
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