Best way to clean LCD's??

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  1. I usually just dust them, but the screens are getting dirty...

    what is the recommended way to clean these bad boys??
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    Distilled water, to avoid streaks. When that doesn't get it, diluted window cleaner, then distilled water to remove streaks.
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    I just bought Alcohol Free wipes from - they work pretty well:

    Falcon Safety Dust-Off
    "Multi-Purpose Wipes"

    See or

    They worked well on my LCD screens, but not on my CRTs (streaky)
  4. Bausch and Lomb Sight Savers Pre Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues. Get a large pack at Costco.
  5. Dont use anything that has ammonia in it such as 409 or Windex. Potentially it could streak the screen coating (permanently), but I'm guessing most screens today have been tested against ammonia cleaners, its not a good idea anyway.

    This link is for the cleaner the Newton users used. It is supposed to recondition the screen.
  6. I use the Read-Right one-step CRT Terminal Cleaning Pads, but they still leave some streaks, so I usually use some Windex, albeit "sparingly" to take the streaks away.
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  8. Go to your nearest FutureShop location and buy a LCD cleaning kit. It does not cost very much and has great results.