Best way to buy/store physical gold

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  1. if i want to buy some gold nuggets, what is the best way of doing it? what is the spread on physical gold?

    besides the loss on the spread, there are risks involved in gold storage. the backyard could be safer than banks nowadays, but it is still risky. where do you store your gold?
  2. The best site that I have used by far is bullion direct. Just google them.. The spreads are tighter than Kitco, and the process is painless. The problem is that they don't have a phone number.. everything is done through email. But I have used them and they are extremely solid.

    If you need any more references about them.. look up their auctions on Ebay. I believe they have done over 10,000 transactions with a 100% rating.
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    Gold coins are they way to go. Gold coins are the most liquid asset in the world. Also good for SHTF scenarios. is the way to go. You will not find better prices.
  4. as I said on another thread, is one way to do this. They store it and it is independently audited. You can basically do gold transactions also...
  5. gold coins also tend to have high transaction costs - buying or selling.
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    No you can get krugerrands at 1.5% over spot and some old foreign gold coins at melt.
  7. I suggest burying hard cash (US$) in the backyard . Gold is a sucker bet.