Best Way to Buy Oil

Discussion in 'Trading' started by datamerc, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. I've never traded stocks or futures before (only spot forex) and would like to open a position to go long oil. I have no intentions to actively trade the position, simply buy and hold for a year or so. What is the best way to do this - an ETF or some other product? I would also need to open up a brokerage account (looking at TOS).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. gimp570


    If you think oil is going up

    buy DXO
  3. Why buy DXO?

    Is it better than USO?
  4. ERX - 3X Energy Bull
  5. What is the difference(s) between DXO, USO, OIL, etc?
  6. Buy some land off the coast of california, I'll sell it to you cheap.
  7. Jachyra


    With oil as volatile as it is, I'd just look to find a nice call option that you can buy... that way your risk is fixed and you don't have to worry about any margin calls or getting sold out of your position.
  8. This is a very green question, but couldn't a person simply buy and hold an ETF to let it ride? Are there daily fees that accrue or excessive margin requirements?

    Again, forgive my ignorance as I've never dealt with stocks.

    EDIT: This is a position I plan to hold for > 1 year.
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    sure you could buy an etf like DXO and hold it for as long as you like.....its not gonna cost you anything...
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