Best wat to learn a business?

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  1. Like how do you find a companies business model. The profiles are too brief and the annual reports have good financial data but I would like the core nuts ands bolts of the actual business model.
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    What type of business?
  3. Any type of business. when researching a company what the best way to get a good idea how the company operates and what its income depends on and what its expenses go towards.
  4. Focus on the company's price chart and ignore all of the douchey, "fundamental", mumbo-jumbo. :cool:
  5. thanks for the advice but nah....
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    I always enjoy your reports,Ridzik...
  7. any advice above annual reports or the standard internet research.
  8. Thanks Ivan. I'll send some money to your PayPal account. :cool:
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    AMP account would be good enough.

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    How to Start an Ice Cream Truck or Cart Business



    open up an ice cream cart. cheap investment and higher education degrees are not required. From there, u can learn and develop business model

    No need for Higher Education nor high school diploma

    No need
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