Best Value for Money Purchases

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by johnk49, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. johnk49


    I was just wondering what fellow traders would consider the best value for money items they have purchased over the years!

    Notice I don't say"the best items"but rather things you have purchased where you can say I have not been ripped off!

    I would start off by offering Medved QT,Zero Line Trader and also Ryan Watts scalping course.I don't necessarily mean that you have made a fortune from Ryan Watts course or even follow it but for $29 with content,advice and support you can say I don't feel a fool for buying it!

    Any other offerings?


    Hello John, do you feel that Ryan Watts course has helped at all or showed you any worthwhile setups that you could use while trading or is it just that compaired to all the ripoffs out there Ryan's seems to be a value?
  3. johnk49


    I personally don't use his method as I prefer my own but I do think his method works and he is a full time trader.The point I was making was that you could pay 20 times more for a system and not get anything better,plus he is responsive to emails and he has a room at Yahoo.For $29 you can't really complain.