Best US State to Trade from?

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    Which US state is the best to trade from? Quality of Life is subjective and to each his own, but looking at climate, culture, and most importantly taxation impact which state in the USA is the best to trade from?

    Many will of course say NYC, but then lets not forget that the taxes in NY are the highest in the US.

    Myself? I'm looking to make a move and its either Nevada (the heat is a major issue for me) or Washington State. Specifically Vancouver, Washington.

    What do y'all think?
  2. With remote access, trade from whichever state makes you the happiest!

    How could anyone here tell you where to live to be happiest. :confused:
  3. I moved from Chicago to the Lake Tahoe area a few months ago. The heat is much less of an issue at elevation[5000ft+] than it is in the Reno valley. As you know, no state income tax and sales tax is 7.5% I believe.

    Vancouver WA has a high crime rate.

    Bend OR is gorgeous. High-desert climate and the longest ski season in the US.
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    Hawaii for the beach and surf and, and Colorado for half pipes.
  5. You might consider one with no state income tax.

    Seven states have no state income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Two others, New Hampshire and Tennessee, tax only dividend and interest income.
  6. Lots of states with no income tax (10 I believe), but a few tax cap gains, or interest.

    Since you want to head out west, Washington, nevada, and Wyoming come to mind. All depends what you are really looking for.

    Washington.Rains like crazy for 8-9 months, but really pretty.

    Nevada: Lots of traders in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. One of the prettiest places on earth. Expensive though. 6000 feet elevation. Nice and cool.

    Wyoming; cold winters, awesome skiing.

    I've lived in all three regions. I am always looking for something better.
  7. Close, but not quite.

    Ski season never ends at Timberline, OR. Year round skiing on the Palmer glacier (US Ski Team trains there a lot. I used to also when I was a pup). In summer, you ski in the morning, and then go windsurf the Gorge in the afternoon. Makes for a fun day.
  8. Wyoming, that's funny. When I first moved to Dever a few years ago, I asked my co-woker at the time about Wyoming. He said you ever been there? No I said. He replied there's a reason there is no state or corp taxes there, go check it out. I drove through there on my way to Yellowstone. Hell no! It's desolate. Unless you live in Jackson which is nice and very expensive. Dubois looked small and quaint too. Casper and Cheyenne, forget it. Brown and desolate. I haven't been to Rock Springs, but if it looks like Cheyenne forget it. The same year on the way to Mt. Rushmore, driving through WY I ran accross a town with my last name population of 3, lol.

    Forget about looking at taxes people, look at cost of living on or some other site. Lake Tahoe has no taxes, but good aweful expensive. Vegas property values has skyrocketed in the last 3 years. My same house in Colorado is no more expensive in Vegas. 120 in the summer forget that. If I were considering a place to move I would consider Austin. Reasonable housing prices and atleast you can write off those high property taxes.
  9. Are you serious? What is your annual income? If your making so much that taxes dont concern you, congratulations. You can still spend six months at places you like wherever you establish residence.
  10. Central Panhandle of Florida . . . still uncluttered, 4 seasons and limited bugs. People are friendly, restaurants are outstanding, beaches are close but not too close and if you know how to trade you can be on the golf course by 10:30 am each day.
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