Best Two Pairs to Trade... and Why?

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by DrawDown, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Here's the situation...

    You must select two pairs (only two pairs) to trade.

    What are they?

    Next, why is that?

    My main cap positions are held in two pairs.

    EUR/USD - short.
    USD/JPY - long.

    EUR/USD because... well, because it's EUR/USD - the best trading instrument there is. I'm short because, of the two directions, long debits interest, short pays interest. My systems work well in either direction.

    USD/JPY - when it's all said and done (in this current market environment), for moves and interest USD/JPY (traded long) excels the rest.

    What are your choices?

    The DrawDown
  2. Eur/Usd for pretty much the same reasons you stated, and the Eur/Jpy because its got "juice" like the Gbp/Usd but its much more "user Friendly".
  3. Cable is nice of you can figure out how to trade it...there is a lot of volume there are my seems denser and smoother...more decisive...
  4. Cable but for opposite reason to you! When it moves it sure knows how to move intra day, for the reason that the volume and liquidity is far less than that for euro doll and dollar yen.
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    Big ROGER on that. GBPUSD moves precisely because there is less volume than the other two pairs.

    I will also add USDCHF to my basket because it trades at technical levels very well.

    I would not trade either of these pairs with a mechanical system, however.

    And I'm going to break the rule that says I have to trade two pairs and go with the EURUSD for its user friendliness and the EURGBP because it is mainly traded by large institutions not looking to speculate, but looking to hedge. Very smooth lines.

    My $0.2.
  6. DD,
    Best 2 pairs are;
  7. siki13


    The best for me is GBPUSD but NZDUSD, USDCHF are very similar
    The absolute worse pair to trade is EURUSD because i cant find one timeframe that looks good on that thing
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    Source: BIS Triennial Survey 2004
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    it shows double cause' there are two currencies per pair.

    Source: BIS Triennial Survey 2004