best trend confirmation indicators

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  1. Ok this is NOT a noob question of "how do I find a trend and always buy low and sell high"... we all know that someone who asks that is going to have issues trading.

    However, I would like some ideas on what other traders use to confirm a trend is starting.

    I personally use divergence in stochastics and sometimes macd.

    Just wanting to get some ideas/feedback from other elite traders.
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    Try 2020:D

    Here are some facts for you, but like most, you will probably kick back at being rebuked and brought back down to earth..remember this is a sign of weakness!

    Stochs and macd are useless pieces of shite..really!

    You asked for an idea or it is for you boy..what you decide to do with it is up to you.

    1.Get rid of all your TA as it is all shite

    2. Look at a chart and note the major areas of interest..if you can not see them then you best give up trading now as a child can see them when the child looks and just says what they actually see!

    3. Place your trade and stop fuckin thinking about it - the result can only be one of 2 things - do you want to guess what they might be:D

    4. Now, the most important bit - plan to do at least 100 trades with the majority of them being that is what is more than likely going to happen..what do you think might be the best thing for you to do right now?

    elite traders, now that is a BIG FUKIN JOKE :D
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    This topic has been covered ad nauseum on ET. Do a search.

    Read Victor Sperandeo's Book. It is among the clearest regarding how to draw trend-lines and how to confirm a break in the trend.
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    I feel sick:D

    if the OP wants to read shite then he can find all the shite he wants in pdf format..and i am sure many here will help you with GIGA "bites" of info:D

    trendlines are not the most appropriate..but other lines are if drawn correctly..and they will not make you feel sick at all:D
  5. Volume is your trend confirmation.
  6. What do you trade ? Stocks or Futures
    not that it really matters just curious

    1) you should always know your levels

    2) Never try to sell a high

    3) Always wait for high to be in place

    sounds hard but is truly easy to do, watch the trend

    higher high - higher low - trend in place

    higher high- lower low .................ummmmm
    now we have something
    lower high = NAIL

    little more to it but that is the quick and dirty way
  7. Price Action and Adverse Excursion
  8. This pic may help you
    this is today in the S&P futures

    You can add some indicators to help confirm
    if it helps you take the trade?

    Remember # 1 "Know the levels"

    If you do not know how to find them you should learn
    before you take a trade with real money

    Safe Trading

    Joe Baker
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    hey u wat..why don't you try and post a few trades real time..instead of after the events..and then we will see how good u really are:D
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    If you took the trades in real time indicated on that chart by HLs, LHs, DTs and DBs, you'd do fine. They're very reliable entry signals that provide low-risk stop zones.

    The hard part is staying in the trade when a pivot point becomes the start of a new trend in your time frame. I usually trade by the same signals indicated on jb's chart in real time, but I admit I'm still struggling to master the most profitable trade management techniques.
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