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  1. I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best training schools for trading are...or websites / services.

  2. SFO Magazine in its Dec "93 issue wrote an honest appraisal of trading schools (and seminars) with decent reputations:

    Before spending several thousand $, first spend $3 on a copy of the two part article. None of these schools will turn you into an exceptional trader, but they may give some a good foundation to build a trading career. The remaining secret into becoming a successful trader is the desire and willingness to put the effort into developing a trading strategy that works for you.

  3. I had just read this other thread you started...

    First of all, nobody can tell you what the best training schools, best websites nor best services.

    Why ???

    You have not disclosed what type of trader you are, what trading instruments your trading nor anything else other than the fact that you weren't profitable using a particular service...

    Now your profitable since arriving at ET as to imply its directly related to ET.

    Therefore, why not just keep doing whatever it is that you are doing now especially since your now profitable after 14 losing straight months.

    I suggest you disclose what your doing so that you can get more helpful comments from ET to improve your trading further to prevent chasing the next service or website...

    Which can easily throw you off track again...back on the road to losses.

    Here's something else you need to learn...

    Be careful about taking advice from another trader here at ET about what's best because what works for someone doesn't imply it will work for you especially when that trader does not know exactly what you need.

    Here's an analogy...stand outside a grocery store and tell a stranger to go shopping for you without disclosing what your looking for or need.

    What are the odds of you being satisfied with the results (what are you looking for) ???

  4. I think you meant Dec 2003.

    Hmm, some of the schools mentioned should ring alarm bells...

    Just do a search for the names mentioned here on ET.
  5. Yes, it is Dec 2003. Thanks.

    There is definetly no quick road to trading success. In the end, it takes a lot of time and effort to study the market that you are wanting to trade, and developing a strategy that fits your personality traits.

    Time is probably the best teacher.

  6. thanx charlestrader for that link. NihabaAshi what you said makes alot of sence....thats good advice thanx!
  8. I'd recommend a stock market simulator for training. You can really learn a lot by trying things you really wouldn't normally try and test out theories you pickup with no risk.

    The one I recommend is my homepage, heh.
  9. Ebo