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  1. What firms do you feel have the best training programs in new york City? Looking for a mix of classroom and individual mentoring.

    Also would like to put down no capital if possible.

    I already have my Series 7, 63 and 55 NASD licenses
  2. If you can make it to Great Neck, and speak to our new affiliates (they had a few years at another firm, and some training here).. they can tell you about all the mentoring and training programs we have available.

    If that doesn't work, go check out FNYS. I hear good things about their training program.

    Check your PM for phone number of Great Neck office.

  3. My firm offers one of the most comprehensive training programs in New York, including:

    *Morning meetings run by senior management.

    *New traders sit next to senior traders for constant mentoring all day.

    *Meetings everyday after the close with senior management, discussing tape reading, charting, strategies, money management, etc...

    *Daily individual trade analysis by senior management for every trader, regardless of his/her experience level.

    Basically we do what every other prop firm just say they do. Our traders are here trading/learning/teaching from 8am to 6:30pm everyday.

    I don't want to use ET as an advertising tool, however if you are new to the business (or have experience, but are looking to get to the next level) feel free to email/pm me, and I will be glad to have you come down and see what we have to offer.

    Best of luck finding a firm that fits what you're looking for. (We do require a $5000 capital contribution)
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    What is FNYS?
  5. -----------------------------

    I am assuming First New York Securities .... i've heard good things about them, but never met a trader who works there.
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    See also this thread
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    A lot of firms do exactly what you say your firm does. Nothing new under the sun there. We do the same at my firm and my traders actually make money. Top that.
  8. There are some firms that don't require a capital contribution. Top that also:D

    Don't waste your time with fnys. The big hype is that they pay a measly salary. Every trader I know applied to their firm and NO one got a reponse. Even Ivy league graduates didn't get a reply...I mean, what the hell are they looking for?
  9. ...not looking to "Top" anything. If your shop really puts in the time to help new traders, you are in the VAST minority of firms out there... and if you do put in time with your guys (women), most will make money. Good job. Glad to hear there are other desks out there that do the right thing.
  10. LOL - geez Mav, can't the guy get a little free promo around here, LOL.

    You posted what I was thinking, but beat me to it.

    Anyway, looking forward to a great opening on expiration day.. double share size, double number of stocks...hope the guys in Chicago and New York cooperate....they usually do.

    don :)
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