Best trading time during day?

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  1. It seems to be my best performance is only morning trading, from 9:30 to 11:00 AM EST.

    If I ountinue to trade the rest of the day my peformance tends to degredate.

    I wonder if anyone has similiar experience or "best times" to trade.

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. I only trade to 12:30. I found the same thing as you did, as the afternoon progresses i do worse. So why stick around and give everything back?
  3. 9:31 T0 10:20
  4. You are experiencing the way settlement affects the markets.

    The big money does two things everyday.

    In the AM they deal with management according to policies set by owners.

    In the PM settlement has to be dealt with. Depending on the net of settlement, the the sentiment is affected. Satisfying the clients is a requirement of the industry.

    What ever measurements you use for this or that. these can be overriden by the necessities of settlement.

    In trading there are many considerations to make money. If you do not know how things work you will be screwing up more often than not.

    Many people postpone making a lot of money by approaching the markets from a viewpoint of thinking stuff up to make money.

    you might even call some of it "inventing stuff".

    Inventing stuff is humor and postpones and limits making money is some realy severe ways.

    One great thing to do is to not trade in the pm's for most people who are caught in the trap of not do what the market tells traders to do.

    Everyone is telegraphed the settlement story daily. Big money needs money to handle the PM. They get it from traders who do not know what is going on.

    It is a well established tradition of the financial industry.

    Personally, I front run smart money so I get to be pushed by the settlement daily.
  5. :)

    It's all making sense now...
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    when on the floor you could see the orders coming in by the brokers voices and faces ,from the computer,that edge is gone,unless your in a warroom,not my living room,so i agree to leave the mrkts alone ,these hedge funds are coming out of the woodwork in plain view,its a war of the titans and i prefer to stay on the sidelines and let them battle it out,$4000 is a big swing for me,they're moving billions per minute
  7. I agree - morning session is best and then walk away. But, that's what works for me.
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    This time frame seems to change periodically for me. Right now its

    nyse 9:45-10:45
    nyse 12:20-1:15
    nyse 2:00-3:15
  9. Not very clear on this part? Can you explain?
  10. Settlement is fairly clear about 1:15.

    Taking a break to 2 pm is a good idea. Since there is similar flack in the market to that which occurs in the first 15 mins of the day.

    Most "internals" traders do not initiate trading until after this synch is in.

    At 3:15 there are three standard effects that begin to set in and in an order of domenance as they overlap each other.

    There are about six levels of money velocity during the day. You are trading the top two in the periods of their occurance.

    To me this means that you have some definite and worked out considerations that you incorporate in your trading.
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