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    Where can i find a top of the best trading systems out there i`ve been trying to find them with google but nothing concrete pops up.Do you know where else i can try.
    The only good system i managed to find is Hector Trader but you cant make much money with it.
  2. Marketsurfer has something called, I think, the "Pile Driver."

    It's probably for!
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    Surf guarantees that his price driver method always picks the right direction, but sometimes the timing's off. Just because you guys can't trade his system doesn't mean it isn't really good. :D
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    Where is there site all i found was a blog called market surfer
  5. MS has a system that uses PD's which I assume allows him to make a decision on going long, short or flat. I'll also assume that based on his system that he is consistent with the application of it. In other words when his PD's "tell him to go long" he is consistent with it, whether or not he actually puts on a trade.

    How is the above not a pattern? Price drivers, patterns on charts, tea leaves aren't this all patterns of some sort or another. (Ok, I was just kidding about the patterns on the charts.)

    We as human beings create patterns throughout our daily existence to create structure, safety, cohesiveness, blah, blah, blah....

    I think MS gets compensation to be an antagonist.
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    Any system can "always" pick the right direction if you allow the timing to be off. I can flip a coin for direction and if the next move is opposite of the coin flip, I'll just say the coin flip really applies to the following move, or the one after that, etc. until the coin flip is "right".
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    The best trading system is the one which gives consistency in the result.