Best Trading Strategies For Traders

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  1. MarkWin


    What is the Best Trading Strategy?

    Lets make the Common list of best profitable trading strategy.

    Add comments with your Trading Strategy and I will update the first message of this thread.
  2. heispark


    Trend following. All time best.
  3. nickynoes


    I'll bet you a lot of the most profitable trading strategies could also be called the least profitable trading strategies depending on which people you talk to.
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  4. For some people, or traders, who are so-called seasoned veterans in the market...nothing is profitable to them. So they would call virtually everything out there least profitable strategies.

    But I agree, trading styles and instruments and time frames and levels of risks and yadda yadda yadda...are basically like various human personalities and backgrounds. They can vary greatly on an abundance of variables or combinations thereof.

    One person can be incredibly successful doing what another person may perceive as dumb and risky and foolish. While failing doing the safe thing. and/or vice versa.

    I say it alot, and it may sound cliche...but trading is part art, part science.
    Trading is not black, or's a huge, dynamic grey area.
    Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five` :confused:
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  5. cvds16


    Learn how to use stochastics along multi-timeframe analysis, it can do wonders for your trading account if you know how to apply it in depth ...
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  6. 777


    Horses for courses.
  7. Mysteron


    Why would I want to tell you or any stranger on a public forum what I do?
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  8. Zodiac4u


    I remember way back, Barons and Stocks and commodities mag ran a similar articles on separate occasions on a how to Fibonacci instructional. At that time I was using it for the currencies, the next day after the article, The Fibonacci was totally thrown off and unusable for a long time after.
  9. Handle123


    Going against the immediate trend and of course hedged is all time best and eventually trend kicks in. Going short stocks in a down trend is easier to capture fear than uptrend fears. Doing buys are worst way to make profits because so many do so and huge funds can push stocks certain way and cause choppiness and stop outs. You just got to get those 10,000-20,000 hours of screen time and make trading your new "family" and get use to being very alone.
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