Best Trading Software for a Mac

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by -hammertime-, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Anybody trading on a Mac.

    Looking for new trading program/datafeed

  2. Plenty of threads on this. Use the search function.
    I use IB's Mac version on a MacBook Pro.
    Or you can us Parallels, VMWare, Boot Camp and run anything on a Windows partition.
  3. lindq


    Investor RT at
  4. limau2


    am using macbook ( UNpro :) ). Browser Safari 3.1.2 , Mac OS version 10.5.4...

    use optionxpress secure web hppS...Safari, webkit, camino, firefox mac...all tend to crash...

    google 'crash safari secure website ' and you will know what i mean...

    however later i use crossover...

    then use explorer 6 to surf optionxpress secure crash anymore and the problem solved...

    I suspect something wrong with JAva on MAc or Mac OS or both..

    Good LUck