best trading platform?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am looking to found the best trading platform of the market, special designated for forex... I am not talking about the broker platforms...

    I am now testing UPDATA, soon I am going to try CGQ, ESIGNAL and FACTSET...

    Any recommendations for a other trading software? Or a combination of several? I am planning as well to use REUTERS 3000 Xtra, or Bloomberg, just not sure about Bloomberg...

    Any comments will be appreciate.

  2. t482


    For FX any currency pair in mind?

    Reuters RET & EBS?
    Currenex, FXALL, Hotspot?
    Trader Tools and a few other allow a blended book
  3. Thanks for you answer, but I am looking for a excelent chart package with access to maket depth (if possible) and news (probably I will need to add), not a platform for trading, my goal is research not trading.
  4. Thanks T482 for your answer.

    As I said in the last reply, I am looking with a excelent chart package, like Updata, Esignal, etc... If you know something better than this please let me know.
  5. I've been testing a demo copy of InvestorRT, havent tried it with live data yet, but it seems very useable so far.
    Also they have lots of tutorial vids on the site.

    It is a trading platform but all the charting/news/research tools are there too

    Maybe worth a look?
  6. Download Ninjatrader for free.
    Connect it free to Interactive Brokers data.
    Backtesting and automated trading available.

  7. hi, i m also looking for same and then i found It provides a powerful Excel trading application to Meta Trader users that gives different to building trading strategies. Their powerful forex excel trading application is a simple and fast way to work and also it keeps away you from the obstacles and frustration. You can easily access the MT4 historical values and prices. You must visit at to solve your query it will definitely very helpful for you.
  8. t482


    Deutsche (DB) has probably the best interface. Not necessary for charting through.
  9. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    Actually, you can download NinjaTrader for free and configure a completely free real time and historical FX data feed courtesy of GAIN Capital.

    Start NinjaTrader
    From within the Control Center window, select “Tools > Account Connections...”
    In the Account Connection Set Up window, press Add...
    Follow the instructions provided in the Connection Wizard (Select GAIN)
    Select "Use NinjaTrader servers" for Historical Data
    Select “Demo” under the Mode option list (Although it says Demo, it is real time) data
    Complete the wizard
    From within the Control Center window, select "Tools > Options > Misc"
    Set the value for the property "Quote currencies (FX) in" to "Pip"
    You will now be able to connect to a free real-time rate simulation account
    via the Control Center window “File > Connect” menu