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  1. I have been using Anvil for a while now and am tired of the platform issues and am considering switching. Just wanted to get some traders opinions on here. I have used blackwood a while back but heard they did some major upgrades to the platform and am considering going back on it. I have also tried Sterling pro didn't care for it. What do you guys think of Lightspeed and Laser?

  2. What's wrong with Anvil?
  3. I am paper trading on lightspeed now.

    Having some problems executing trades at the open but otherwise its ok.

    Real time quotes are an especially nice feature for paper trading.

    Everyone that I've talked to is very polite and helpful and they answer the phone right away.

    Maybe you should download and check it out for yourself.

    I won't open an account until I get the issue resolved for market opening trades.
  4. I been trading on Anvil for a while, the platform is very good although management has went down hill and I know a lot of frustrated traders at Assent feel the same and aren't happy with their service like they use to be. but anyways...

    What platform is just as good as Anvil?

    Sterling Pro


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  8. I agree. Lightspeed Professional Trading has excellent service. In fact its the best that I ever encountered.
  9. Like TT's X-Trader Pro as a broker independent trading platform. OpenEcry's OEC platform for Futures and Future Options. Dukascopy for Forex... ThinkorSwim for Options.
  10. HI biztrader15
    Can you name a good prop firm who uses light speed
    I have tried the demo of lightspeed i think it is Great :) Comparing to othewr platforms
    And yes their customer service is excellent :)
    I am looking for a good prop firm with Lightspeed a secured prop heheheeh

    Also i wanted to ask can you trade option and Emini futures on the light speed - ????
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