Best trading platform for IB excluding TWS

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  1. I am stock trading with IB but want different platform as TWS time & sales don’t show all orders going through separately and I need that . I was going for Sterling but they said they don’t support individual trader with IB so please give your suggestions. Platform should have good level 2, time & sales and customisable hot keys and good charts
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    Would you like to try sterling and change from IB?
  4. I don’t want to change broker, just want trading platform
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    Better as in what? More colorful screens? A cursory look at their website revealed some ex back office chick who claimed all the praise for herself, big picture of herself and CEO title and nobody else mentioned whatsoever. Why would you want to introduce another major potential break point in the chain? Keep it simple, stupid.

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    Don't be nuts and change platforms then. Ask someone to write a quick app that pulls those data off the api. If the api does not offer that data then no other platform, that uses IB as underlying data supplier, offers it either.

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    Strongly disagree. Visuals matter a lot when you trade manually. IB TnS and Charts suck, imo.
    I completely understand what he is looking for.

    What about this?
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    You misunderstand. If the IB api does not show each individual trade at any of the exchanges then neither medvedtrader nor any other platform that connects to tws via api will see it either. If the data points are delivered but just not displayed OP wants it to be then sure go with a cheap app that does that. But shelling out 200 or so per month (dastrader), having to learn another platform, and introducing another potential break point is not wise imho. And if it's a data/visualization issue then solve a visualization or data problem but don't change your entire broker that you learned to trust (at least OP apparently does)

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    I am trying to have a set up where I will pay for data separately and will use IB for execution only. Currently, I use ToS for charting (free data unlike IB) and IB for execution. Unfortunately, ToS had become too slaggish, so now l am paying for IB data. Very crappy set up, but hopefully a temporary one. I need API and there are not that many choices that let you pull the data out for low cost. Like most people here, it seems, I have a love hate relationship with IB :)
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