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  1. Mark B24

    Mark B24

    A few months ago i was introduce into the Binary trading world.

    i have been looking for the very best trading platform for Binary options, after a few weeks seeking out i came across VIP Binary, and gave it a shot just to get a taste of what they offer me.

    In VIP Binary i was contacted by one of their brokers that was assign to my account, cool no problem, he game the complete walk through of the platform and then we started trading. with my broker advice and my trading knowledge i have been able to make a good profit in VIP Binary. and withdrawals every two weeks.

    So i decently wont stop using VIP binary, but i wanna know everyone else experience with a Good Binary Option Platform.
  2. asap


    mr shill

    i like the part you say: " he game the complete walk through of the platform".
  3. Mark B24

    Mark B24

    Jajajaja Sorry, gave me, What other platform will you recomend?
  4. I guess this is probably just a planted plug for the broker you mention.

    If by any chance you actually are a trader, then you need to know that binary options are obscure and the best thing you could do is forget about them and find something more conventional that people are actually trading. The offshore broker you mention is probably making its own market in these over the counter, which means that they are totally unregulated and unprotected by regulation. Also, you are likely paying huge transaction costs that make it very unlikely that you would ever make money.
  5. Though it looks much like a PR pitch, there's a strong interest from developing markets for trading practices & tools which are outdated in terms of major world markets.
    Binary options software solutions have been frequently requested during last year.
  6. huchonok


    I like spotoption offers. Rather intuitive and quick