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    I have given this advise so many times I decided to post a new thread with it.

    I started trading with ZERO experience and $3,000 USD, 211 trading days ago and I basically retired last November 15th (for my birthday).

    First learn your software. You should be so familiar with the software of your choice (and the trading company software) that you can execute trades in your sleep with your feet.

    Second is to get a professional currency advisor. There are tons of them out there and probably tons reading this posting right now.

    Third is to execute your own trades. Do not turn your account over to anyone. The learning curve for the “trader instinct” is about 6 months for most people. If you pay attention to the why and when of your advisor’s suggestions you will pick it up very quickly. It is best to find an advisor that will explain the why especially. I have to really make an effort with my guy, but it is worth it.

    I started out relying 100% on advice and within about 6 months that percentage started dropping. Now it is only about 50% of my daily trading.

    I hope this helps and I am sure it will generate lots of bad replies, but it’s a fact.

    Happy trading
    :) :)