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  1. I need some help on finding the best hardware/work station for around $1300 or less. It doesn't have to have the all bells and whistle nor does it have to start my car in the morning. I only need the work station.

    Obviously, Dell, Gateway, Compaq and IBM are the most notables.

    Are their others that specialize specifically in trading computers?
    What exactly are you looking for in buying a work station? 256mb minimum etc.

    I've come across and

    Any suggestions and advice is much needed....Thanks!!!!
  2. I just bought this rig, good for $$$. You want 1 gig or RAM, get dual channel RAM, this comes with it. Make sure it has atleast 1 open PCI and PCI e slot for a video card. You can get a Matrox 4 heard G 200, I have one, off of Ebay for $130, you are rocking.

    Look around for a good monitor deal. Check, pc connection, new egg, etc.

    Get an external HD, get Acronis Image, clone the HD and when windows crashes, which it will, just import clone. I wish I knew this 18 months ago when I started.

    Oh, 1 last thing, download a free disk eraser program off of and wipe out Vista and other bs Dell installs, then re-install windows XP, Pro preferrably. There you go. Use the search in ET too. You are off and rolling. :cool:


    Sorry forgot to post link
  3. onelot


    Interesting you posted here, was just looking at your ssd sata drives the other day.

    when will you be posting price data for the drives? there was a press release saying pricing/availability would be announced in april. only thing i currently am able to find on the site is: however, no pricing information or availability options outside of oem distributors.