Best trading hardware peripherals

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  1. The Nostromo is excellent, very programmable and solid.

    I own both mouse and keyboard from razer. The mouse is odd-shaped and gives me hand-aches. Keyboard is excellent, use it for gaming only currently.

    As a (free) alternative for hotkey programming I highly recommend AutoHotkey.

  2. The copperhead mouse sucks, makes ur hand hurt after a while. Get the new DeathAdder model, it's more precise and it's really comfortable. For the keyboard, I highly recommend the Microsoft Ergonomic Natural 4000, totally rawks.
  3. Thanks didn't know they had a new one.

    Do you own it? Can you tell me if the thumb-buttons really are under your thumb, when holding the mouse at ease?
    I'm desparately looking for a mouse like that to replace my dual-optical logitech (have 1 spare).
    I don't want to move my thumb (and change my grip) when I need to press it.

  4. This is the ultimate controller. LOL.

    Doesnt Just control Music SOftware, it can be configged to control ANY SOFTWARE program out there.

  5. Brilliant really ! Specially the touchscreen.

    We'll need a special forum about how to program the functionality of that bastard.

  6. Actually No. Watching the Videos, I see you can assign any keystroke/macro, etc... with a couple clicks of the buttons on the unit. to any 1 of 88 buttons on the surface.

    I actually Demo the unit in 2 weeks. Plan a purchase after the demo. At this point the Demo is a formality for me. LOL.
  7. I was a Razr user for 4 years or so (Diamondback). What are the benefits of the DeathAdder?
  8. Yeah, the DeathAdder is really good, one of the msot comfortable mouses I've ever used, I had a wireless mouseman optical from back in the day (Same shape as dual optic) and I can say without a doubt it's by far superior
  9. Let's more accurate, and it doesnt make ur wrist feel dislocated after using it for a few hours straight.
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