Best trading books that nobody has heard of ?

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    here are some sleeper books for me that were quite good, but not widely publicised.

    What Works in Online Trading - Etzkorn
    Professional Commodity Trader - Kroll
    When to Sell - Mamis
    Trader's Edge - Noble
    Ultimate Trading Guide - Hill

  2. Good one with Justin Mamis.

    A good name follows also;basic business but good-''It"s Easier To Suceed Than Fail'' by Truett Cathy.

    THE BEST,TRADING MARKETS . COM CONVERVATIONS WITH TOP TRADERS by Kevin Marder [includes General Kevin Haggerty, Dr. Christian Kacher, Humble Jim Whitner, Cedd Moses, hedge fund king.]
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    Dynamic Trading - Robert Miner
    Day Trader's Survival Guide - Chris Farrell

    forgot these :D
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    capturing full-trend profits in the commodity futures markets by Colin Alexander, in this you will find Lindahl sell/buy rules.
  5. its more of a manual, not a book per se...

    Trend Dynamics by Joseph Hart
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    Great post,
    Thanx for sharing :)
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    Where might one purchase this? I don't see it on Amazon.
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    probl self publish
  9. It is self published. If you go to the site you can read a few of the different chapters. It has nothing to do with indicators or stuff like that. It's basically a very detailed course in price structure, price action, support/resistance...All time and price relationships. It draws heavily on Wyckoff type material.
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