Best Trading Book You Have Ever Read?

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  1. Any books that made a huge impact on you and your development as a trader?
  2. I've been influenced greatly by a few older members on this site whose posts were very valuable and nudged me in the right direction.


    I read around 100 in the first 1-2 years I've started and came to the conclusion that most of them were a waste of time and money and usually written by would-be traders, not actual traders. So, I sold them all except for Trading & Exchanges.

    I have now actually started to buy and read trading related books again. Not so much to learn trading. More for inspiration and getting a better understanding of the industry or just broadening my horizon. I would never, ever buy another book on technical analysis for example.

    Market Wizards by Schwager are really, really good. Definitely some very good nuggets of gold there, but it may not be useful for someone who's completely new to trading?

    The new book on Jim Simmons was also really good, but more of an entertaining and inspirational read, although it actually did contain a few hints and clues. I was actually surprised to see them doing some of the things I have been doing myself with regards to analysis.

    New Trading Systems & Methods by Kaufman is pretty good as well. Of course, there's Livermore's books, both the book by Lefèvre and his own work.

    A good trader, IMO, needs both theoretical knowledge and experience and a lot of trial and error doing his own research and arriving at his own conclusions and truths. You can't be a follower in this game and it takes a long time to get there...
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    Not a trading books per se.... but the Ed Thorpe biography (A man for all Markets) excellent.
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    I enjoyed that one.
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    One particular chapter lol =)

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  7. SteveM


    For financial/market history, biographies of great traders, lessons about the perils of trading, etc:
    • Market Wizards
    • Pit Bull
    • Reminiscences of a Stock Market Operator
    • The Big Short
    • When Genius Failed
    • Education of a Speculator
    Backtest results, system development, trading ideas, etc:
    • Larry Connors' books
    • Perry Kaufman - Trading Systems and Methods, 5th Ed.
    • Keith Fitschen - Developing Profitable Trading Strategies
    • Jeff Augen's books on options
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  8. gaussian


    For the first half. I couldn't finish it because it was so mind numbingly boring. The guy is an excellent mathematician but probably should've left writing his biography to someone else.
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    Back when I had an office job...there was a bunch of old dudes who had that on their desk like a Bible. I mean, it's worth a read because it's such a quick read....but I really don't understand why people worship it.

    I listened to it on audible in like 30 minutes.
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