Best traders you have witnessed live to learn from

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    I feel like expanding my trading knowledge and eventhough the best info is located in the charts themselves I strongly believe I have exhausted that department and would like to get inside the mind of others to further increase market understanding.

    Please recommend any traders you have witnessed live who have public editorials, presentations or journals that I could read from, free material.

    The one thing I ask is that you must have witnessed this person making live calls in a trading room or something similar, that way I can filter those that are not worth it.

    My thanks in advanced for your kindness.

    God bless.
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    Posted this last night but it scrolled down due to low traffic so replying to my own post in hopes that is seen today.

    Thanks, sorry for the spam.
  3. sgomez858 on youtube. Him and Andy are profitable traders. Used to watch their videos all the time about a year ago.

    Good stuff from both of them. Their strategy could be improved but they keep it as simple as possible.

    Harvey Walsh....the guy is a scam but if you analyze what he's doing, he's actually showing some great stuff believe it or not lol.
  4. Please be assured that this department doesn't get exhausted. Regardless, good luck.
  5. I don't make recommendations, but, there is a whole series of free daily videos on youtube by S&P Trader Robert Hoffman that are very informative and show what trades he took that day and why. He does have a chatroom that allows you to be live with him during the trading day and make the trades as he makes them. His videos on youtube have helped me understand the intraday movements of the S&P. If you can't find the link, I'll pm it to you.
  6. The "free" material may turn out to be "you get what you pay for." IF you want to trade, you need to at least

    Some here recommend books like "trading in the zone" (no, not mine!) as well as Van Tharp. Under the book section above (thin green line at top of ET screens), you might want to read people's reviews (and the star ratings) of some of the books and consider reading a few of the highly rated ones. Make sure there are at least 5-10 reviews.

    Personally, I found Jack Schwager's book on Fundamental Analysis interesting, even though many of the things do not work any more. But a few good books might give you a few ideas.

    Also, his Stock Market Wizards books profiles a number of known traders, although it is not going to make you rich just be reading it. But you can always get into the heads of other traders that way.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    As a side note or extra clarification, I've been trading for a while now.

    Give or take a few months, 5 years at least. I recently increased my size for the very first time but I'm still what some would call, a piker. Which is fine by me, I go at my own pace, but at least I'm cash.

    Looking to enhance current knowledge but only from proven traders, fame or fortune not important, just people you have personally witnessed live to filter the "mind readers" as much as possible.
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    Here's a solid-as-a-rock highly disciplined trader who proves that if you plan the trade and trade the plan your losers can outnumber your winners and you can be up almost 40% on the year.

    He calls his trades live on his journal:

    Past couple months someone's been posting some excellent charts of his trades, too.
  9. Knowing ET I will probably get flamed for giving an honest appraisal.

    That said Joe Baker and David Dube of Trade Pilot Pro are in the top from what I have seen. A good group with sound knowledge that don't BS.

    I was familiar with a lot of it all ready, good just the same.

    And know I am not affiliated with them. Just on trial.
  10. I looked at some of their videos (sgomez). I can familiarize with them considering they also use a great platform in Lightspeed... they are obviously serious about trading (unlike many other gurus).

    I would recommend their videos for someone new to day trading. The only critique is that these guys trade baby size... 500 shares of MSFT. I don't know if they are diversifying the risk elsewhere but that's nothing for a experienced "mentor" trader. They also trade penny stocks, which I've never been a fan of. But if it makes them profitable, good for them. I like that they use basic technicals and don't get carried away with the nonsense oscillators and indicators that many day traders rave about.
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