Best Trade of the Day Thread

Discussion in 'Journals' started by shbhanda, Jun 10, 2009.

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    A new thread where traders can post their best trade of the day, if they had one, entry/exit points, and any other relevant information. Feel free to post your worst trade too.
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    Waited for the Treasury Auction and bought 2000 TBT at 59.10 as soon as it made its first strong move after the auction. Sold at 59.50, bought again at 59.10 and sold again at 59.50.

    I guess it was a little stupid because I wasn't watching the actual yields, but it worked until the bond market closed.
  3. Best? Well, it's a trade. Short IBM from 108.37 near the close. No fixed-stop or target.
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    would be interested to hear some best trades today as there was a lot of great moves.

    Worst: jumped into citi short at the open got out for 11 cent loss then watched it tank. likewise got into csco since it looked strong, got out at its low, then watched as it shot up .30.

    Best: a few large chunks of URE right before the market shot up twice, completely saved my day and made up for a horrible day yesterday. Unfortunately, I got in perfectly at 5.99 got out at 6.06, then watched it shoot up to 6.23.

    Any takers?