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    For fun, I thought we would liven elite trader up with listing your best trade, and most fun you had from profits.

    My best trade so far was buying real estate in Argentina after they devalued their currency.

    The most fun I had with profit trading stocks was to spend around $ 3,000 per month at Las Vegas dating a 9 out of 10 stripper for over a year. I went there at least once per month and staying at suites and getting food at 2 am, and staying up to 4 am with her friends.

    I once got the rock star treatment at a strip club, and I bet some of the customer thought I was someone famous.
  2. Its the internet everyone dates strippers and is a rock star, who cares?
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    1) You missed the concept of this thread, it is to post your best trade and what you did for fun with some of the profits.

    2) It was not to make you jealous since only 5% of traders actually make money from trading and some of us have also dated strippers.

    3) I guess I should not mention that was an all cash trade to prevent you from jumping out a window. Now go get me my fries and stop using the Internet while your boss at McDonald's has his back turned.
  4. Who gets jealous over stuff people post on internet boards?
  5. Surdo


    If you were a real player, you would still be banging Playmates in BA, and not overpriced strippers in Vegas mi amigo!

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    I can't anymore because I married a latin girl 1/2 my age, but I was at a party at Jackson's mansion in Argentina 1st and that was fun.
  7. very interesting, what date did you buy.
    specifically, what was the procedure for transferring the purchase money and buying the property.
  8. Last year in January I made 750.00 off CAT, and decided I should buy some new custom wheels for my car. :eek: :D
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    Its much harder than you might think since most real estate transactions in Argentina still involve cash.

    I am not going to go into details on how I was able to transfer money since this is a public message board.

    I bought a luxury apartment in Recoleta and then spent a lot of money fixing it up including putting in a spa tub in the bathroom. I also hired my own real estate attorney which I strongly recommend if you plan on buying property in a foreign country. Plus I also paid for a real estate consulting service which included help picking the best location since I was not a native.

  10. Do you still own the apartment.

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