Best times to trade from the US

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by brownsfan019, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Based on your experiences, what are the best times to trade Forex if based in the US (EST to be exact) & why?

  2. thqat will depend on the market you intend to trade. The Europe open is 3 am ET, which is aheacy time for Eur trades. The other markets also have more active times
  3. When London and New York overlap. I guess between 8 to 12pm EST. You'll find great volatility and liquidity. Unless you like getting up earlier. Say 1 or 2am EST to trade the european sessions? Opening breakouts from Asian session are a common theme.
  4. Thanks guys!!
  5. Goodfray


    I think the best time to trade is first 3 hours after London opening and first 3 hours of NY session.
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    i don't trade the fx futures between 5 and 6 PM Est...The liquidity is not sufficient