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  1. First post the forex section of ET.

    I need to know what the most volatile curreny pairs are, and when the best time to trade them is.

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  2. actually, I trade from California so my time trading usually starts to kick in hard at 11PM to about 7 or 8AM (UK and NY sessions).

    But this morning I was surprised that EUR/USD zoomed up, I think it was near or after 10AM. :)

    Sometimes with Japan opening at 4PM my time the yen can really zing.

    I noticed trades going off all weekend on my broker's platform. I may have even entered a trade or two before official trading began at 2PM Sunday.

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    The New York exchange trades from 7:30 am to 5 pm EST. The Sydney, Auckland and Wellington exchanges trade from 3 pm to 11 pm EST. The Tokyo Exchange trades from 6pm to 11 pm, they stop to take a lunch break for an hour, then trade until 4 am EST. The Hong Kong and Singapore exchanges trade from 7 pm to 3 am EST. The last exchanges to trade are the Munich, Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, and London exchanges, which trade from 2:30am to 11:30 am EST.
  4. 3 AM TO 10 AM (ny time)
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    You can get schedule of announcements (daily, or weekly). At hours given there anything can happen.

  6. Your times are off, bro.

    but since you're the 'moderator,' we'll leave it at that.
  7. I live in Chicago. Which times would be best for what pairs?
  8. What is the best curreny pair to trade in New YorK?
    I presume the AUD/USD gets volatile around 3pm EST....
    The JPY/USD gets moving around 6pm....

    I believe that it is important to know what instrument is likely to be moving during what time of day, sans news.

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    I'm following 9 pairs but focus on 3, AUD/USD, EUR/USD and JPY/USD.
    To be honest FX is secondary for me.
    I'm normally asleep during the overnight moves and trading index futures during the day. Most of my FX trades/order entries occur during the evening (EST) when it's usually pretty tame.
  10. good point TL Trader brings up - the forex can be position traded.

    In fact I think the forex is ideal for position trading.

    basically with simple position trading you take out a position then simply 'moniter' it once a day - takes about 5 minutes.

    But if it is done right it can be profitable.

    the only reason I am in the market every waking moment day and night is because I have no life (well, other than the one I make for myself on

    the advantage that gives me though is being able to post make-shift attempts at comedy on ET, and keep tabs on the forex market more than anyone else.

    that way I have more opportunities to lose money.
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