Best time to trade the 6E

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by mrcartel, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. mrcartel


    when is a good time to trade the 6E? I live on the east coast and I read an article stating 4am - 7 am.
  2. DWV


    6E volume is fine with decent volatility up until about noon EST. You can trade it from 8am - noon if the London open at 4am is too early for you.
  3. Really depends on what you are up to.

    If you want big liquidity sure you could start at 8 am EST.
    But if you are a retail trader why would you need that?

    If you don't really want to be in direct competition with all the real big money then start at 1am EST (which is 7am CET), which is what I am doing (I am living in Europe so that's easy for my time schedule). Many big moves show their first signs around this time.

    If you are just starting off I'd strongly advise you not to trade 6E at all since at any time there is heavy competition in this one.

    Look for more exotic currency pairs in forex.
    Some behave much more expectable and also the time when they are trading might be much more suited for your time zone.
  4. Really not much movement on the 6E during US RTHours. Certainly not after 11:00am EST daily..yea, is get up at 4am est to trade it
  5. the highest volume hours are 9 11 12am est

    attached chart from Feb 4-Mar 4: green v lines are between 9-10am est bars, red v
    lines are between the 1-2am est bars. the v lines are set for my west coast hours -
    the idea being I am in front of the monitor ready to trade after getting up, shower
    breakfast, news reading, chart analysis etc by 9am, maybe earlier if I want to catch
    8:30am economic releases. my stop trading - go to bed time is 10-11pm pst

    European hours then are between the red to green v lines

    white h lines are 50 pips apart

    chart is the eurusd from MT4 so the 5-6pm est - 6E closure - price bar is included