Best time of year to BUY a new PC?

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  1. I am looking to get a new pc, most likely a Dell with a 22" monitor. They have a nice system that I am interested it is.

    I would likely pay for some of the upgrades, 22" monitor, memory, faster processor, etc.

    Is it worth waiting till after Thanksgiving to buy a new pc? I understand right after Turkey day pc's go on sale generally.
    I am thinking about waiting a few weeks and buying then and maybe getting a little more bang for my buck?

    Should I wait?????

    Also, is the above PC a good system that will be fast enough?
  2. why not go to a local shop n get one custom built? it'll be a much better value than dell.
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    If you can wait, why not to see what will be available then, but the difference is about $100 bucks, give or take. PC is already so cheap.

    I just got a Dimension 9200 this past summer (E6600 C2D processor, 2gig Ram, on XP, etc) just before the Vostro line came out and have been so pleased with it. I run TS w/ 3 workspaces, one IB TWS with booktrader and sometimes a TOS session as well. Ram usaage is about 800meg and processor at about 15-20% on each, no sweat. And it is so quiet that you do know it's on if you close your eyes. SO highly recommend it.

    Now I am thinking of adding a extra Nvidia video card (mine came w/ GeForce 7300LE) so that my second LCD monitor can also be connected to the DVI port and be configured for a higher resolution. 7300 LE has one DVI and one VGA port. I would like to know if anyone has experience with that and how easy it is--I think it will be plug-n-play but just want to hear from those who have done that.
  4. Yeah I figure I might save $100 or get some extras in a few weeks, likemore memory, bigger hard drive, etc. I'm not in a rush so I figure I might as well just wait the next few weeks.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the above system?
    Is it ok?

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    Look at:
  6. Post Thanksgiving through Christmas is the major consumer sales season and vendors will compete hard for those consumer bucks. It's also budget flush time for businesses.

    Depending on how the shopping season is promotions can get even more aggressive as the holidays approach.

    Realize the business Vostro desktop is the same as the consumer Inspiron desktop. The Dimension 9200 is the same as the consumer XPS 410. Depending on which site you are checking AND which service plan you've chosen will impact what options such as processor, RAM, hard drive or even keyboard and mouse you can select. Check out all the sites to see which has the combination you want.

    During the Summer I was looking at the 9200/XPS 410 and bought the XPS 410 to get the Q6600 processor - it wasn't offered on the Inspiron/Vostro or Dimension at the time. The med/large business site offered more choice of processors for the 9200 than the small business site. On the consumer site, at that time, the a la carte service plan only offered up to 2GB of 800 mhz RAM while with a DellCare Plan they offered up to 4GB. I bought mine with 2 GB and then bought another 2GB from NewEgg. Of note, the extra 2 GB from Dell would have cost $250. From Crucial, it was only $150 and with better specs. And from Newegg, the same Crucial memory was only $70 after a $40 rebate.

    Buy from Dell over the phone as you can negotiate price. Be prepared with figures what the competition offers and know what price you want to get. The first person I talked to at Dell home/home office wasn't budging so I called again and spoke to someone else and ended up with a much better price than the online configurator.

    good luck.
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    PCs are so cheap nowadays, its unlikely you'll save more than a nominal amount.

    If you are going to be using professional daytrading software, the most important component will be RAM. I recommend 2gb for XP and 4gb for vista.
  8. 4GB is pointless unless you run 64bit OS, you will waste 20% of it with a 32bit OS
  9. I have always had mine built.

  10. The best time to purchase a computer should be based on need.
    If you need a computer now, why wait? If you do not need a computer now, why buy?

    If you are looking at Dell, you can always save 20% by buying from their outlet.

    Try to avoid Vista, many compatibility issues with drivers, software and hardware. Vista consumes resources and slower performance. XP will supported for 5-years.

    good luck
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