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  1. I am relatively new on ET, and I saw some valuable threads, and also many that have no interest to me. Would you recommend some best threads you feel that you have benefited the most?

    Recommendations for multiple threads are welcome, but please keep it under 10.

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. Neke's Journals. There are 2.

    100k to 1.2M in a year (or something similar)
  3. There's plenty of good stuff here, but also a lot of crap.

    You have to read through them, interact, study what people have to say, see if applies to you and your trading, and figure out how you can incorporate the information into your current system.

    But don't expect people to just come by and hand you something, that's the wrong attitude.
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    your best bet is to view the top most viewed thread of a forum you interest in. ex: forums(top page), journal, views (to sort them in descending order).
  5. Right, it's a good journal but he's also way below his profit targets. Maybe that's the most valuable thread on ET -- showing how easy it is to give back profits.
  6. Thanks, guys.

    yes, lots of crap here, but also some gems.

    I have been follow Neke's thread, last year and this year. They are good.

    Anything else?

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    why not?

    if there is anything to learn here, then why not say where?

    it is clear that if one could spend less time searching threads, and more time practising, ones experience would be more fruitfull.

    experience searching threads and interacting with 'et' will never be more fruitful than market interaction.

    so, in trying to cut the wheat from the chaff quickly, he/she has exactly the right attitude imo.

    as far as recomendations, i cant recomend threads, as they bore me too quickly. however the posts of old trader and prince harry are priceless; for different reasons. my posts lie between moderate and genius.
  8. I found the most valuable info on the AHG Journal. It's not just the method, he teaches you how to think as a daytrader.
    An invaluable journal.

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