Best thing you ever bought?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. What was it?

    Theres no limit on the amount of junk for sale out there, but from your perspective, what was it, that you beleive to be the "best" , most usefull, most functional, best value for what it was, thing you ever purchased?
  2. There are so many, but a few come to mind:

    A greencard.

    Next it was my online Phd Doctor of Ministry.

    Who could live without a bootleg copy of the documentary of the "Slip and Fall" museum produced by the trial lawyers, featuring ladders and wet floor signs, mop buckets, that sort of thing, actually it was more entertainiing than my copy of Pee Wee Hermans "Big Adventure".
  3. maxpi


    Pee Wee talking about his dream where he is all dressed up and there is a giant donut... classic.

    My best purchase was my 91 Camaro. I had a horrible commute and a horrible little front wheel drive car. The day I realized "I'm not a front wheel drive person" was a day I'll never forget. The graduations, wedding, jail, graduations from rehabs, all just fading memories but the Camaro day... part of eternity.
  4. My first Fly-Fishing rod. It opened up a whole new world to me.
  5. I would have to say the computer is the best value for what it does.
  6. jem


    when my friend gave me his old surfboard. followed quickly by my first wetsuit.

    otherwise I find many people derive great value from a good bicycle.

    if you wish to talk consumerism. I came home with two JBL speakers and a matching center channel and two ceiling mounted speakers for which I paid 150 dollars each

    At first my wife thought I was a nut job. Now she says it was one of best things I have spent money on.