Best technical indicator EVER!... You.

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  1. They say not to cast your pearls before swine, but in this case I'm curious to see if this will be ripped to shreds or if it will be accepted as profound. So go ahead, give it a read and post some comments.
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    If this works for you fine.

    it's better then nothing:)
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  4. J.Joseph just found one of the key secrets to becoming a predator in the market and how to prey on others emotions. :cool:

    GJ Man!
  5. Oh, yeah? What do you know about it?
  6. Well... You know what trading is right?

    The point of bidding up price is to attract buyers. Once amateur traders and others see price starting to move they start to rush in. Depending upon the momentum of the move and how many buyers come in... Pro's then decide how long until they sell out and rip it the other direction.

    Then depending upon how much momentum the market can attain when it's pushed the other direction... It is reversed again... And again, and again...

    That is what trading is. Sucking people in by manipulating their emotions.

    Attached is a chart... Can you see the trade cycle? :) This is also to collect stops on each side of the market as the move progresses. If pro's with large positions can drop the market back a bit in an uptrend and it shoots downward as it hits stops... They quickly grab those contracts at that quick volume spike as stops are hit. This helps pros get in at great prices because of the increased liquidity from peoples panic and stops.
  7. When you feel like buying, the pro's are driving price upward to suck you in. When you feel like shorting, pro's are letting price drop to collect stops before the next rise.

    Only moves that have much higher momentum relative to recent moves have a shot at sustaining trend for much time.

    Most of the time the market just drifts along in a normal trading cycle.

    It gets especially repetitive during bull markets.

    Push/Pull - Wax On/Wax Off - Ying/Yang... Beautiful how the market moves isn't it? :cool:
  8. You are funny Rangetrader!

    When I feel like buying I'm counting on the pro's to drive price up, and when I feel like shorting, I'm counting on the pro's to run price down, so I can get fills on my take profit orders!

    I think "pro's" are a bunch of computers because the same old stuff repeats over and over again all day long.
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    yeah, like what stuff?? get specific, please.. or 'the same old stuff ' means you are actually unable to enter and EXIT a profitable position :)
    'the same old stuff' - what a catchy phrase.. probably meaning ' I figured it all out' :)..
    'same old stuff all day long' meaning:
    1) there are white and black candles / if one uses candles/
    2)there is demand and supply
    3) I can't profit no matter what I do
    4)hft kicking in
    5)subjective TA failing
    6)classic indicators not working
    7) there is support and resistance -once it beaks it can go either way /same old stuff/
    8) there are 'levels' , yes..but try trading off of them /same old stuff/
    9) I have a good system but somehow I don't trust it / same old stuff/

    'same old stuff ' if not the above then it means dick to me..
    always think Simons - can you imagine him saying:
    - yeah,yeah..same old stuff..
    What stuff??
  10. Vinc I like your pessimism. It reminds me that I used to post stuff about how easy the market is while I was winning on virtual trading, then get smashed up on real trading for the same list you named.
    RangeTrader, sorry to say, based on the fact that I used to post explainations like yours during times of virtual winning followed by being eaten alive in the market, it is sounding to me like you're not doing to well. Now that I'm doing well, I no longer feel the need to post my techniques to demonstrate how much I've got figured out. So I guess I'll go be a millionairre now and live my dreams starting a family and traveling the world. You guys have fun.
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