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  1. kjreddy


    Hi ,

    Which website publishes the best technical analysis of dow / s&p on a daily basis.

    Who is the best technical analyst.

    Please share your views/opinion :)

  2. I am the best! And my advice to you is ' NEVER take advice'!!
    Hit the books, study, and maybe someday YOU will be the best.
    Then you can take your own advice!!
  3. ammo

  4. not sure if this is what you are looking for, but for SPY (or other pages for other instruments), you could go to:

    pick a contract link, and on the bottom left (light green area) are links that say Technicals and Opinion. It gives you indicator values and Buy/Sell opinions for the various indicators...

    study a little
  5. Andyroki


    Exactly !!!
    If you read Jesse Livermore book that is what he says, as I remember correctly he did not follow his own advice once and lost a ton of money.

    If you ever want to check how good somebody TA was try it lest you pull up charts from the past and then fast forward day at a time to show you how wrong these "experts" are.
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    look for the thread ES Journal. And look for emg