Best Tech Analysis Software to use?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by GrasshopperFX, May 1, 2010.

  1. GrasshopperFX

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    Hey guys...looking for a great setup to use for technical analysis.
    Any suggestions?
  2. For TA, I use Metastock, I still have an older version that works well. I think it is one of the best programs for the job. Not for backtesting though.
  3. GrasshopperFX

    GrasshopperFX Guest

    thanks for your help intraday bill -- i'll take a lookie
  4. I expect to see everything on ET. Even a Jessica from Canada trading BSE real-time...:)
  5. Aetey


    Same here, I use MetaStock 11 EOD. It's a pretty mature package and provides most indicators out of the box. And setting up your own indicators is not that hard either, take a peek:

    Customer support is pretty neat, too.

  6. ronblack


    It's like going around in 2010 and asking what horse breed is good for the city. TA is useless in the era of HFT and data mining. Forget about TA. Mutate or lose it all. TA is "after the fact" analysis. Others create the fact for you.
  7. odlareg


    If you like to be late, use TA. I advise B&E approach
  8. b&e = ?
  9. odlareg


    Brain & Eyes, add Charts, no indicators, just watch supply and demand, wait for the best setups.
  10. Show me a current chart and how it is different from say 50 years back since HFT made TA useless.
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