Best TA software for approx. $ 250 p.m.

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    Hi All,

    what is the best TA software if you are prepared to pay around $ 250 per month incl. all data feeds. I currently use eSignal and have E-minis of Globex and ECBOT products as datafeed.

  2. MultiCharts. A lifetime license for the charting software (not data feed) is under 1,500 bucks. You can pick a data feed from various third party providers, such as DTN.IQFeed or Bloomberg. Also works with the free IB, PatSystems, and TransAct data feeds.

    Multicharts charting with, say, DTN.IQFeed data is far better performing and more reliable than eSignal charting/datafeed.
  3. If you are just looking for charting software with all of the T/A bells and whistles, you owe it to yourself to check out:

    It's only $7 per month and you can send the DTN "IQ-Feed" through it, among other feeds.

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    NinjaTrader is free to use provided you do not execute live trades.

    We support a number of different market data vendors such as eSignal, IQFeed, OpenTick, TrackData and a new yet to be announced vendor in a few days.
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    One of the indicators I use doesn't work the way it suppose to work and it doesn't work the way it is described on their web site.

    I have sent an email and they could careless.

    I guess you get what you pay for.
  6. I like Amibroker. Tradestation is pretty great as well.
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    Why I’m asking is that I have a trail version of eSignal with E-mini and CBOT data but if I compare it with X_Trader of TT the data that is coming is some occasions completely wrong. Not a few ticks missing but 300 contracts in a 1 minute chart. Also the Candles are not in line with X_Study of TT. 2nd, the Last Price of yesterday’s close 04:15 pm EST there is a difference between the 1m/5m and the 30m/daily chart and the scary thing is, it’s incorrect.

    So if imho eSignal is not working properly. Is CQG or TradeStation the only solution?

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    So how do you know TT is correct and Esignal wrong?

    MultiCharts with DTN.IQFeed would be a good option as MultiCharts say they will soon add TT datafeed you can then drop DTN and use that.
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    First, I have a 2nd vendor and this one is more in line with TT. 2nd, TT is the standard in the business.
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