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  1. You might want to speculate as to WHY there is only one review of this firm......back in 2004. LOL!

    Meanwhile, the IB platform is not lacking in my opinion. Several hundred reviews agree.

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  2. He asked and I am giving my opinion. I have used both and realfast trader and IB and I liked both. Pro's and cons to everything. I wouldn't poke fun at a company with wich you have no dealings with and I have. And to say that TWS is a decent platform is like saying the tracing paper toilet paper we had at school is decent because you have never used or cant afford anything better. Besides doesn't the review page for IB confirm that TWS is crap and isn't that your gospel. Please think before you give advice Mr Shit for Brains.
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  3. Yeah, I can see where you gave your "advice" considerable thought! LOL! Let's go through it.

    First, you say you "wouldn't poke fun at a company with wich (sic) you have no dealings with and I have". The truth is I have not only had no dealings, I've never heard of them either. And obviously, the thousands of vistors to ET have either not heard of them, or have not seen fit to review them, because there is only one review in 2004. Now you can call that "poking fun". But clearly it is a factual observation.

    Second, this guy is making 10-20 trades per month. You recommended a company for him that will cost him either $9.95 per trade, or .008 cents per share. There are better deals around, to include IB. IB would charge .005 cents per share for a 200 share trade. That's $1. 1000 shares is $5. This guy doesn't give his volume, but chances are it fits somewhere in this type of range.

    Third, you call TWS "crap", compare it to "toilet paper". No facts at all, you just use some name calling. Yet, we have several hundred reviews of IB, that give IB solid average reviews. Further, my personal experience for a number of years is that IB is a great choice for retail traders, and that TWS is a solid platform. Now, maybe you're one of those pikers who relies on the charts. Most of the longtime users of IB don't use the charts. But in terms of execution and reliability, the vast majority of long-time users of TWS don't agree with your assessment. In other words, your advice is "crap".

    My guess is you're an employee of, trying to drum up some business. Let me just say that what you recommended for this guy was inappropriate and more costly.

    Finally, when all else fails, your resort to name calling....always a sign of ignorance. Hopefully the OP will consider that before he actually takes your advice.

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  4. First off mr old trader I no longer trade through realfasttrader and I am back at IB , basically because I trade more futures than stocks. Secondly the commissions are negotiable if you ask for it.
    So the pro's to IB are probably slightly cheaper comm, a reliable well known company an excellent array of products to trade.
    Cons are IN MY OPINION TWS is a very poor platform and customer service will not be very helpful.
    Pro's to realfasttrader are good executions negotiable comm and a semi decent platform.
    Cons are it is not very well known and comm maybe slightly higher depending on what you negotiate.
    I do not wish to get into a dick measuring contest with you and I do apologize for calling you mr shit for brains, but it really bugs me when someone gives an opinion on something that they know nothing about. as far as TWS goes being a poor platform there are plenty of reviews that point to it being lacking feel free to go back and read them or do a search, however there are plenty of other 3rd party that work well with IB. (thats what I use).
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  5. For the record, I gave an opinion about something I know considerable about....IB. I believe that TWS is a solid platform.

    What I stated about is that a) they have one review in 2004 and b) their commission is no bargain. You appear to agree with both of those points.

    Your apology is accepted.

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