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    I've done extensive research on trading platforms. I don't want to go with IB or MB trading etc because of the customer service reviews. It seems they are geared toward the hardcore active investor. I am going to be doing a 10-20 trades a month. Anyone have any suggestions on excellent swing trading brokers? I'm considering just staying with think or swim. I'm comfortable with the platform.
  2. what do you trade?:confused:
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    I trade equities mainly nyse stocks.
  4. timcar


    Mr. laeott: I have looked at TOS, its seems that they are customer friendly and most importantly they are currenting working on being one of the few firms that will have PM.

    In trading stocks at TOS did you chose flat rate or per share pricing???? I would go with the flat rate since I would know what the commish rate would be every time.

    Just curious???
  5. for 10-20 trades a month, why not go with someone like amtd? you don't need anything fancy it seems....
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    I recommend the very two brokers you said you do not want to use. The customer service has been tops at MB trading. As for IB, you most likely will not need to call customer service to open the account or trade. I have used IB daily for over seven years and have not needed to call customer service in approximately the last five years. IB's TWS is a great order entry platform.
  7. Really you like the platform I cant stand it maybe its what you get used to I suppose and whatever works for you works for you
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    The number of broker user ratings (214 for IB) shown here on Elite Trader indicates there are a lot of IB users here on Elite Trader. There are several great trading platforms. What do you use for your trading platforms that you like?
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    timcar, I'll be trading a flat rate price. I was thinking if I'm not an active trader, how many times will I really need to call customer service?
  10. sorry it took so long to reply i was on holiday:)
    another question i guess is do you use your own software? if so, interactive brokers are very decent, (their platform is lacking) also have very good executions but the platform is das trader and only has 5 days intraday data, it does have more ona daily but not more than a year or so. realfasttrader commissions are good and negotiable and have good customer service.
    hope it helps and good trading to you.
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