Best % Swing-Trade Setup??

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    Dear Folks:

    Any thoughts on two or three of the highest percentage swing trade setups?

    A bit of background on me... I'm a bit discouraged!!
    I'm a mature, serious minded guy with a full time job not looking for a get-rich scheme but a tried-and true way to EARN profits through the markets. (Willing to study and work hard). I have tried e-mini trading (my start-up capital is relatively low) and don't carry a balance overnight because of increased margin requirements. For every step forward I take, there are two steps back. I am disciplined and try to filter natural emotion the best I can.

    Is this just a game of smoke and mirrors? So many charlatans who want to take your money to teach the "can't miss approach." Any honest folks out there who tell it like it is and provide honest information. Is it possible to make a profit, even a small profit, consistently, in the markets? Can anyone tell me which path (trading vehicle) is best to follow?

    Thank you in advance to anyone responding.

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    what do you want,exactly?
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    I try to identify the 10-15 stocks that recover strongest in the most recent downturn. I'll wait for the next downturn, something like RSI approaching 20, then play the move back up. Always have stoplosses in place. Will weed out those stocks that aren't behaving. This is a long-only strategy since I'm doing it in my IRA account, so patience is required.
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    ever spent $20 in 50 cent tries to win a 3 dollar prize at the carnival,that's wall street for the new guy
  5. growing acropora and stocks are two expensive hobbies you have taken up almost ruined me so i gave up on reefing:D
  6. ==============
    a]Good question, even though many made/make money on low % swing trades:cool:

    b]Best to find something that trends better than es

    c-d]Daytrading is NOT profitable swing trading @all;
    not even close to it , even though i could call using 30 minute/50day charts candles''daytrading''

    Hope this helps;
    7[seven] /+years of swing /trend trading helps a lot, welcome to the elite website.:cool: