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    I'm looking for a software package that has a strategy backtester plus access to a butt load of strategies to the public... I know that Wealth-Lab fits this bill but some have said that it's a toy on here...
  2. Wealth-lab is not a toy. Most of the posters that say that fathom themselves as genius programers who can code up their stuff in C++ of Fortran or some other languages and do it themselves.

    Maybe they can, however if your like the other 99% of us the two backtesting packages with the largest strategy libraries in the public domain are wealthlab and of course tradestation.

    I'm not a big fan of either but you want pre-built strategies they are your two major choices.

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    I have used MetaStock's Enchanced System Tester to backtest a decent sized number of included systems as well as added in my own strategies to backtest/optimize. I have a feeling they might not have the number of built-in systems as the aforementioned, but you can import formulas from other web sites who have compiled these systems.
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    For about a year I've been using Tradecision. Strategy Builder and Simulation Manager are working great as for the back-testing purposes. It has clear language to code ideas, fast calculation and wizards to create & run a simulation on several symbols or simulate several strategies on one security. Tradecision provides with detailed reports, including Summary Report. Signals are inserten into a chart.
    Also I combine my neural models in a neuro-strategy and then back-test it.
    Take a look
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    Thanks for your inputs. It looks like Wealth-Lab and Tradestation have the most support for scripts. Am I correct when I say that Wealth-Lab can scan and backtests with a bucket full of stocks? Tradestation only scans and backtests with one stock at a time.
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    FWIW If you are a US trader, you can only get Wealth-Lab if you have a Fidelity acount.
  7. Amibroker supports portfolio level backtesting and its very good
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    Amibroker looks good but I don't see a lot of scripts for it..
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    Vectorvest ( supports backtesting and has a lot of canned strategies as well as the ability to create strategies -- it is almost exclusively for stocks.
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