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    I am evaluating some of these prop firms and really want to hear peoples comments about once you're onboard, what experiences have been like working with support. Support and service ability is a big thing for me if I am considering moving my account. Any comments on Paramount, Hold Bros, Keystone, Kershner, Genesis, Bright or other named firms that I am not thinking of would be greatly appreciated. Also guys get back to you when you need them most, that stuff drives me crazy so I'm trying best to figure this out before I move my account. All comments appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I’ve been with Bright for over ten years. I would be hard pressed to find management that cares as much and is willing to work with its traders as Bright. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they have hundreds of traders. When help is needed the personal one on one attention is always available.
    They have the capital base and the knowledge for long term survivability in a very competitive field that is become more important everyday.
    I‘ve had numerous offers from other prop firms throughout the years and my choice has always been to stick with Bright.
  3. At 2-3 times the average industry commission rates, they better have good service.
  4. Please do a search for JC Trading here on elitetrader. Everyone talks about the outstanding service and customer support. I don't usually have a lot of issues, but a couple weeks ago I had a few stuck ARCA orders on Sterling. I IM'ed JC support and they were on it instantly. If the firm you are evaluating doesn't offer Instant Message support you should look somewhere else.
  5. Please show me .0015 from major firms - I personally pay much more than that.

    All shares above 1,000 are .003

    I've asked others to post rates several times, and I am friends with the other couple of firms, I know the rates.


    Generic (G2)?

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    itrade2009 every posting you have is about how good jc trading is and you seem to put down other firms. just that thought was a bit funny. also looking at your old posts and you're the same guy as t0pd0g! haha that is funny when itrade2009 and t0pd0g talk to each other its really the same person. thats kind cool haha.

    one thing i do ask about jc trading is applied as international trader and they accept with tax withholding? and i was being charged non pro data fees? isn't this illegal to charge non pro data fees? i just was a bit confused on this. can they be fined and backdated on all the non pro data fees and the pro data fees they owe in case someone rats them out to the exchanges?
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    First off...get a don't know my IP address. Second, I guess I am a "Trade Manager" for Bright, Hold, and Echo as well!!

    (see 3rd post)