Best Sugar to daytrade

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  1. which Sugar 11 or 14 is the best to daytrade?..I am talking about the NYBOT electronic contract...thanks!!!..highest volume and closest spread etc...most volatility etc.
  2. Sugar #11.

  3. thanks you daytrade sugar #11 a lot?...thanks...bill...what is the one point .01 value?
  4. Standard is Sugar 11, friday traded around 23k on ICE , the 14 is useless for daytrading...pretty interesting to day trade, been looking into it but now i only do metals, seems interesting...what strategy do you plan to use?
  5. $11.20.

    (That's not a mistake - it is an odd amount)


  6. Sugar is a great directional and spread market when it's moving but I would not call it a good daytrade market for screen traders.

    There are so many more active contracts then Sugar, and longer sessions. (this is from a guy who used to be a local in the ring)

    As far as I can tell the indices, energy, metals and grains are all better daytrading markets.

    Just IMHO.

  7. Guru - what about swing trading in the No. 11 market. Doable?
  8. Definitely, as long as you don't expect 37 intraday $200 plus gyrations like in CL.

    IB has just introduced the NYBOT contracts with the data feed being 1 British Pound/mo.

    Electronic trading is the greatest thing. The increased participation it brings is going to transform most markets to the point where commercials will no longer be in control of the markets.

  9. because it is based on how many pounds fit in a box car. Same reason they use 4.2 for gasoline (based on gallons in a barrel), or 110k board feet lumber.

    many commodities are like this. Actually makes sense.
  10. notouch


    Isn't the Euronext-LIFFE sugar contract a better one to trade?
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