best structure to exploit flat skew

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  1. Baozi


    Hi all,

    as per title.. I would like to ask your enlightened opinion about the best structures to use when the skew is as flat as a surf board.

    I was thinking about 1-2-1 symmetric flies, or the iron equivalent. Is there anything more creative than that?
  2. Robert Morse

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    What is you expectation for the direction of the symbol and during what time frame. IMO that is more important that the current skew.
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  3. Baozi


    Hi Robert, in my specific case I am bearish and I am looking at a 45 DTE option chain.

    Putting up a fly with so long time to expiration basically means that I would be waiting forever before it turns a profit, hence my question about more efficient structures.

    So I guess the question becomes: I am bearish, and I am looking at the 45DTE options which currently show flat skew. I am expecting skew to return normal in 1-2 weeks. What would be the best structure to take advantage of this situation?
  4. Robert Morse

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    I'm not sure with a just OTM put why the skew matters unless you do not want to buy a put spread because the OTM puts are not skewed higher. If it were me, I would start with a small long put position and build from there.
  5. Baozi


    The put captures my bearishness and that's fine, however how do I capture my expectation of the skew reverting to normal? That's the conundrum.
  6. destriero


    A flat surface is generally a signal to short vol (index). In SN? Yes, any vertical.
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  7. Baozi



    Edit: Could it be single name?
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  8. If you're bearish, then you probably think vol is going up. Selling a 1 X 2 DN OTM put ratio would make big money if IV is low and it breaks like you think. But like someone mentioned earlier, a flat skew sounds like the ATMs are trading high.

    A extra wide Butterfly or Iron Butterfly is your best trade if IV is high. Buy OTM wings, sell ATMs if vol is high.
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  9. Baozi


    Yep currently I have on a wide fly centered a bit below the atm level.

    I don't understand however the ratio for ratios (pun intended), isn't that supposed to be a structure that you use to take advantage of high skew?
  10. Yes. When put skew is steep and vol is high (a somewhat rare combo but happens), buy 1 put strike, and sell 2 further out put strikes.

    If vol is low and skew is flat (an even rarer situation), do the opposite, especially if you're bearish (bullish vol)....maybe even sell 1 and buy 3 for same IV levels.
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