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Discussion in 'Trading' started by exce26, Dec 5, 2001.

  1. dottom


    When the nq spiked the other day it didnt even take out my .23 stop on the QQQ.

    Easyrider, just as a side note, that NQ spike was a very rare event. I can't ever remember an NQ move of 60 points in 30 seconds that was not a major event that affected all other indices, stocks, bonds, and the broad market in general.

    Good luck on your QQQ trading. Something you might consider doing- determine your buys & sells based on the NQ chart, but place orders on QQQ (you will have to use mental stops for this). This won't be an exact correlation, but it allows you to "practice" on the NQ's while risking real money and getting a "real" trading feel.
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  2. Rather than being happy that your QQQ stop wasn't taken out on the spike you should be asking yourself why it wan't as QQQ spiked much more than 0.23. If your stop didn't trigger this time perhaps it won't trigger when you would like it to, so you should understand why.
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  3. gbungard

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    I only short them , I like SMH'S for the long side.

    Don Miller has a extensive trading course designed just for QQQ's.
    and daily commenttary. ( excellent )

    Reagrds, greg
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  4. Dufferdon:

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. I shorted it at 39.20 and set my stop at 39.43. It was never hit. It came close. I'd have to go back and check but I'm pretty sure those are the numbers.
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  5. We must be talking about different spikes. I was referring to the really vicious spike of the morning of Jan 15 which took QQQ from about 40.20 to about 40.75 in less than a minute and which cause much comment on the board.
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  6. gbungard

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    I use 5, 10, 60 minute charts with 10,20,50,200 ema's
    Of course daily chart for intermediate trend.
    Stochastic ( 15,3,5) & variation for differnt markets
    Volatility 6, 10 /100 all time frames.

    I use trendlines for support resistance, along with ma's for support and reistance.

    I use price retracements on 10, 60, as well time projections.

    I use all this in conjunction with market dynamics on any given day.

    This is how I trade everything.

    I like the QQQ for short side because they pattern up
    better, less volitality in current market conditons than
    many ndx 100 stocks

    As far as sucessful, how do you measure sucess ?

    I am rarely satisfied on any given day, I feel as though I could have always done better.
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  7. duff:

    I was talking about the spike Friday around 10:45. Guess I misunderstood the other post.:(
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  8. gbungard

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    I had a diiferent reply than the spike on friday,
    sorry about that.

    It must have been some else.

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  9. Pabst


    I rely on technical areas, particularly M.A.'s using cash rather than QQQ or NQ. Much cleaner, especially if you're looking for breakouts through the 20 period M.A.
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  10. exce26


    Anyone use double moving average indicator ?
    ex)5 min chart,
    double MA value (2,4)....etc.
    What chart do you use? (3min, 5min,........)
    What double MA value use? (2,4 or 3,6.........)
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