Best Strategy from a book?

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    There are lots of trading books and trading strategies out there. I was wondering if a trader had to choose ONE strategy, what book would best give them that one strategy.

    Any suggestions from your personal experience of what it would book it would be for you?
  2. Interesting thread. However, assuming that respondents are honest and that they remain on topic, I foresee a short thread.
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    All the strategies boil down in the end to one simple strategy: buy low, sell high.
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    Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets
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    A course in miracles
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    something from the karma sutra

    (cos i keep getting F***Ked up the behind)


    only kidding.

    i used the squeeze for a while when position trading stocks (from john bollingers bollinger on .......)

    worked ok, but as any good trader knows, the set up is only 10% of success. the rest is self management and TRADE MANAGEMENT.

    very few books teach either of these. those that do dont teach set ups. they only give a mention of how important money management is when they really mean risk management! (DOH!)

    trading books are good for 2 things only - door stops and bar-b-q lighters.
  7. The best I found from a book is snakehead technique for emini sp futures from Marshal Jones's (if I correctly remember his name) book name Learn daytrading.
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    The Logical Trader from Mark Fischer.

    Happy trading :)
  9. Narrow range breakouts from Street Smarts, by LBR.
  10. Ugh. I wasted a lot of time with Wienstein's ideas. They had their day...maybe.

    He has some basic, nothing-special ideas and a whole lot of vendor bullsht.

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